The following tables include genealogical informations on MATTHIAS FARNSWORTH the third, who became Claude-Mathias Fanef. They are an update of tables contained in pages 46, 47 and 48 of the book Claude-Mathias Fanef, ancêtre de tous les Phaneuf, 2000, written by Dr. Guy Letellier and myself. They specifically address the « three Matthias », and correct and add the data contained in the following books: La Famille Phaneuf-Farnsworth, by frère Élie (Zéphirin Phaneuf), Lacroix, Montreal, 1915; and Matthias Farnsworth and His Descendants in America, by Claudius Buchanan Farnsworth, Pawtucket, R.I., 1891. While these last two books have become reliable family research tools, the authors did not always cite their sources, which sometimes makes it difficult to verify their data when new information is discovered.

So we regrouped this information in tables and set out to check their validity in their original parish registers. Nowadays, these registers are not only available on microfilms, but are accessible on the Web. Note that it is best to consult the handwritten originals, as some indexes and transcriptions may occasionally contain errors. To add to the difficulty, original registers are sometimes missing pages or are illegible.

Concerning the English registers, a number of indexes and transcriptions were found on the Web. We also hired a specialist in the field, Kate Hurst, a researcher in family history, based in Clitheroe, Lancashire, to check the original manuscripts and photocopy them. The information in those sixteenth-century registers consists most of the time of only one line of data about the person, which seriously limits the possibility of identifying it. It then becomes necessary to seek out other information, if one can manage to find it, which is not always easy.

Which is why we added to these tables some blue numbers. These figures refers to notes at the end of document containing sources, references and explanations.

Some information has not yet been found in the parish registers, in which case we will satisfy ourselves with the research made by our predecessors, whom we consider serious and worthy researchers.

In closing, consider these tables as elements that can be improved, corrected and updated. In time, some of their data will be subject to additions and corrections, as new sources become available.

Jean-Marc Phaneuf
Author and researcher