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Participants Pictures:

Some participants sent us some links to pictures they have taken on August 24, 2013. With the aim to expand the memory of the Tercentennial of the Phaneuf Family, these participants want to share their pictures with all via the website. On behalf of the Phaneuf Family,THANKS TO THESE PARTICIPANTS FOR THEIR GENEROSITY.

Mrs.& Mr. Marisa & Achilles Solomos:

Mrs. Elaine bleau Richards:

Mrs. Martha Dimio:

Mrs. Raffi Belotti:

Mrs. Marielle Demorest:

At your turn, if you have taken some pictures of the Tricentennial of the Phaneuf family on August 24, 2013 and you put your pictures on DROPBOX or FLICKR or another, if you want share them, send us the link and we'll share this link with all on the webite.

Memorial item sale (Medal)

Commemorative Medal

As promised, the reserved medals were delivered. There are still some available. They are a very nice collector's item.

253 French medals and 253 medals English Tercentenary were manufactured by the company CFGL METALS INC, located at 7960 Avenue Marco Polo, Montreal , QC H1E 2S5 ( 514-727-9078 ) . They all measure 2 3/ 8'' diameter by more than 3 /16'' thick (greater than 3 /16'' contour central sculptures). Medal mold was established by an assembly of four pieces. Each medal is made in only one piece molding (centrifugal), in zinc and then covered with an antique brass finish and a transparent protective varnish. During the celebrations of August 24, 2013, many of these medals were sold to those who had made ​​the booking. Others were also able to procure it at the event. Those who had made ​​reservations but could not be present on August 24 have received theirs by mail.

To purchase a commemorative medal, made your request to:

Hurry! There are not so many remaining!

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